Brain Up Solver Level 38 Mobile Games

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About Games: Welcome to the fun world of Brain Up – the top brain puzzle games free of 2020.
This game is one of best thinking games and has a lot of challenging and humorous puzzles are waiting for you to discover. A fun brainstorming puzzle game that can burst your mind, bring exciting moments and get your thinking out of the way! Challenge your brain by solving conundrums in the most attractive brain puzzle games free right now!

Brain Up is one of brain games that enhances your thinking abilities and helps your brain be responsive to complex, logical puzzles.

Have you ever felt bored by following the usual rules of life? Are you wondering if you are a creative and logical person?

Let Brain Up take you out of cliched thinking with puzzles that require logical thinking, creativity and unlimited imagination. It won’t be easy to pass all of the puzzles in our brain games. Do your best, make the most of your imagination or seek the help of friends and family! Train your brain with Brain Up every day, you will find your brain is improved a lot with logical thinking ability and rich imagination!

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Tips from Gamessolver: Read the question carefully. Thinks Out Of The box. Many questions have a crazy logic, some question have a normal logic. When you face the question have a crazy logic thinks out of the box. When you have stuck read this solver.

Brain Up Solver Level 38:

Move the ladder to the girl.

Now here is the another level for you – Brain Up


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