Brain Up 2 Solver Level 69 Mobile Games

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About Games: Brain Up 2 is the most addictive puzzle game, It is incredibly simple but challenging in our carefully designed level, which giving you a different game experience, test your logical thinking, responsiveness, memory, and creativity. If you don’t want to be fooled, don’t answer questions in a normal way.

Key features

– Simple and humorous puzzle game

– Suitable for all-age users, the best game choice for relax time

– Levels are very cleverly designed

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Tips from Gamessolver: Read the question carefully. Thinks Out Of The box. Many questions have a crazy logic, some question have a normal logic. When you face the question have a crazy logic thinks out of the box. When you have stuck read this solver.

Brain Up 2 Solver Level 69:

The true equation is 7-7=0

Now here is the another level for you – Brain Up 2

Brain Up 2 Solver Level 2:


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